GALAXY & GICCS Billing Systems (AMDOCS & AT&T)

ROLE: Programmer Analyst / Production Support

  • Worked on billing projects of AMDOCS and AT&T engagement as part of Billing Control Operations (BCO) and Telecom - Billing Operations System Support (T-BOSS) team.
  • Performed Impact Analysis and prepared different technical specification documents.
  • Involved in Database Migration for the application from ORACLE 9i to 10g for the application.
  • Implemented Pro*C “Array of Structures” on Cursor bind variables for batch insertions and deletions in the Oracle database. Implementing Commit & Rollback mechanisms in Pro*C for the database transactions.
  • Designed secure file transfer mechanisms between windows and UNIX server using Certificate Exchange/Java Stored Procedures.
  • Configured SCP/SFTP channels on production servers for transfer of critical data and exchanged RSA / DSA Certificates for acquiring mutual trust between servers.
  • Developed programs for enhancing file security of production servers using PGP.
  • Designed PERL Daemons that monitor encryption process at real-time.
  • Designed JAR Daemons that interact with GNUPG to provide enhanced security implementing asymmetric encryptions on servers. 
  • Configured Connect Direct/FTP processes using shell scripts for critical data file transfers between production servers.
  • Successfully developed Secure Billing modules for AT&T 
  • Designed secure file transfer mechanisms between Servers 
  • Managed Secure Servers for AT&T and Amdocs 
  • Gained excellent feedback from AT&T team for Successful project completions 
  • Oracle 9i/10G PL/SQL, Toad, VI Editor, Putty
  • Connect Direct, Net/Live Meetings, VSS & CVS