Ericsson Network Manager (ENM) – Network Health Monitor (NHM)

This application is responsible for showing the health status of network nodes. The app dashboard has widgets for worst performer nodes, nodes breached per Key Performance Indicator (KPI), fault management alarms, breach indication map widget etc. This app also features user defined widget preferences and data. This application is a collection of four sub applications which are Network Health Monitor (NHM) dashboard, Multi Node Health Monitor, Node Monitor, KPI management. Each app further digs a level deeper into the faulty node cases and aids node troubleshooting.

ROLE: Sr. Web Developer

  • Developed code for KPI management and Multi Node Health Monitor applications. 
  • Developed front-end for the client application using Ericsson proprietary ui-sdk framework and created unit tests. 
  • Developed Java JEE backend for KPI management using JAX RS, EJB, JMS, Versant DPS, Event Processing System (EPS) and Maven. 
  • Created models on DPS for KPI definition and activation. 
  • Created TAF tests for verifying the acceptance criteria. 
  • Implemented web push mechanisms on the multi node monitor for displaying changes in node values like operational state, sync state, threshold value etc. 
  • Implemented DPS groups for sending nodes selections from one application to other. 
  • Implemented user preferences rest service for NHM dashboard and Multi node monitor client applications. Implemented virtual scrolling and data service buffering the data collected from multiple rest sources like DPS, Infinispan etc.
  • Excellent client feedback for successful completion and handover of the project

  • JBoss, Java JEE, EJB, JAX RS, JMS, JGroups, Maven, Versant JPA, Data Persistence Service (DPS), Infinispan 
  • Node.JS, JavaScript, Backbone, Model View Presenter (MVP) pattern, Less, CSS, HTML5, Handlebars, JQuery, Ajax, Json 
  • Sinon.JS, JSCoverage, Test Automation Framework (TAF) Selenium, TestNg 
  • JIRA, Confluence, Kanban 
  • Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, IntelliJ, Putty, MobaXterm, NetSim