Ericsson Network Manager (ENM) – User Management

User Management application provides access management functionality to the security solution set of Ericsson Network Manager (ENM). The application provides management of ENM users, allocation of roles, management of passwords etc. ENM is structurally divided as Presentation, Service & Data layers. 

The Presentation layer comprises of proprietary ui-sdk framework core which is a collection of multiple apps and frameworks like Backbone, Handlebars, Sinon.JS, Chai.JS, Mocha, Expect.JS, Assert.JS, Less, Jasmine.JS, Node.JS, JSCoverage etc. ENM client applications are developed based on ui-sdk core library and extended using Asynchronous module definition (AMD) JavaScript, HTML and Less. 

The Service layer comprises of JBoss clusters and service groups spun up on a Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM). Each service rpm is deployed in a service group contains Ericsson proprietary pre-built core services which can be extended using Java JEE, JAX RS, JPA, EJB, Arquillian, Maven etc. 

The Data layer comprises of Versant - Data Persistence Service (DPS), proprietary DPS wrappers & APIs. 

ROLE: Sr. Web Developer

  • Developed REST endpoints using JAX RS, EJB on JBoss server to create ENM users and associate roles. 
  • Implemented the front-ends using Ericsson proprietary ui-sdk framework fetching data from ForgeRock OpenAM / OpenIDM / OpenDJ REST services. 
  • Developed code using Asynchronous module definition (AMD) JavaScript, Less, Handlebars, Node.JS and developed responsive front-ends. 
  • Created unit test cases for application code using Sinon.JS, Chai, Jasmine.JS, Mocha and Assert frameworks and provided code coverage. 
  • Developed test scenarios and flows on Test Automation Framework (TAF) based on Selenium. Contributed to architecture the Ericsson proprietary TAF implementing Google Guice based operator registry, annotation based test contexts, flow factory etc. 
  • Created documentation on confluence and update Jira, Kanban and conducted sprint system demos to the management. 
  • Coordinated with sprint delivery of RPMs on Ericsson continuous integration (CI) portal verifying Pre-code review, Unit, Acceptance, Release Jenkins jobs and nightly build of ISOs. 
  • Contributed to the ui-sdk framework by providing reusable modular APIs. 
  • Provided clustering solutions on OpenAM and updated solution set anatomy. 
  • Pushed code on Git remote branches for pre-code review and merged to master. Performed pre-code reviews for team members before merging to master branch.
  • Good exposure on Ericsson Continuous Integration (CI) environment
  • Excellent client feedback for successful completion and handover of the project
  • Node JS, JavaScript, Backbone, AJAX, Less, CSS, HTML5, Handlebars, JQuery
  • Chai.JS, Mocha, Sinon.JS, Jasmine.JS, JSCoverage
  • Test Automation Framework (TAF) Selenium, TestNg
  • JBoss, Java JEE, EJB, JAX RS, Maven, Google Guice, Arquillian, JUnit, Jersey, XML, Json, Versant JPA, Data Persistence Service (DPS), ForgeRock OpenAM / OpenIDM / OpenDJ
  • JIRA, Confluence, Kanban
  • Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Putty, MobaXterm